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*2022 CFLCA Annual Sponsor

BoaFang Plant/Trellis Ties    Patrick Rome   E-mail   915-727-4069   Website

  • Eliminate trash production/collection and the utilization of toxic plastic tape and hazardous wire on your crops! Boa Fang's innovative and patented plant/trellis ties are expandable and made from natural materials which protects plants, trunks, stems, and soil thereby increasing crop health and production. With Boa Fang's easy-to-use solution, trunk girdling from wires and tapes becomes a thing of the past along with the expense of tie collection at the close of each season. Our "Made in the USA" product promotes plant and soil health plus adds natural material back into your fields. 

LiftKing Manufacturing Corp.    Mark Aldrovandi   E-mail  905-265-3965   Website

  • LiftKing  has been in business for over 50 years and offers a complete range of Rough Terrain Forklifts, specifically made for the AG Industry. Our specifications are very similar or identical to other brands in the marketplace. We offer units with and without bin clamps and have dealers all over California to support you with parts and technical assistance.


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