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  • "Finally!!! We got the response we were looking for. Thank you for advocating for us!!" -- Mario and Lucy, FLC's
  • "We've been members of CFLCA since 2012 because they consistently provide relevant updates and changes to laws, regulatory compliance and trends that directly affect farm labor contractors. With the knowledge gained from attending their programs, my team identified and implemented best employment practices that result in smoother operations and earning the trust from not only our clients, but from our most valued asset -- our employees!" -- Laurie, FLC
  • "Our industry can have a bad public perception which is frustrating because FLCs strive to operate professionally and with integrity. CFLCA’s involvement in the local, regional and national policy process gives us an opportunity to be represented and recognized as the good operators that we truly are." -- Carlos, FLC
  • "I wasn’t sure whether to join or not but after giving it some thought I decided to because of all the benefits it comes with for being a member. There’s no other organization like this one to help farm labor contractors like myself. I’m glad I came across the website. I will be recommending this organization to family and friends who are also in the business." - Consuelo
    Grower Members
    • “With less people pursuing jobs in agriculture, it is more important than ever to attract and retain top talent as the industry adopts new technologies. By joining CFLCA, we have gained a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of farm labor contracting and its regulatory complexities allowing my company to truly partner with our FLCs to implement best practices and be an employer of choice for agriculturalists. For us, the choice is clear, we must provide the best for our employees today or we may not be in business tomorrow. For our FLCs, if you want to work with us, membership in CFLCA is a must.” -- Jeff, Grower

    • "The HR aspect of agriculture is increasingly challenging. Growers and FLC’s alike can rely on CFLCA’s awesome one-stop resources and friendly, knowledgeable staff to assist us in continuing to care for and manage our invaluable employees. They keep me thoroughly up to date on the latest rules and regulations through e-blasts, webinars and terrific seminars. Membership in CFLCA helps my company thrive in this ever-changing and challenging environment." –- Barb, Grower

    Program Attendees

    • It was so good that I became a member of CFLCA during the class. I felt like I was able to learn more than in previous years when I did it in person. I hope to do the class again next year online and recommend other contractors to this online class."  -- Juan, Juan Perez Farm Labor
    • "At first I was skeptical about this course being conducted online, as I feared it would be a dumbed-down version of the quality program I have come to expect from CFLCA. I was amazed at the quality of the online course and actually enjoyed it more than the in-person courses I have attended in the past. The groups are smaller, and it allows more time for individuals to ask questions and get more direct answers to their individual issues." -- Brian, Six Rivers Development LLC
    • "I really enjoyed this class and I hope you continue with the web classes. Thanks for the pleasant experience and to the educators who are highly knowledgeable and provide plenty of info. If you offer these types of classes in the future, I will be attending. See you in two years, hopefully!!" -- Richard, FLC


    • First of all, thanks you for your advocacy! I've had my license now for 16 years in good standing and have passed my test every time. It's been very nerve wrecking dealing with these agencies of late. Luckily, I'm limping along getting extensions on my license. Again, I thank you for your help thru this maze!! Please let me know of any progress." -- Anonymous 
    • “Thank you CFLCA for providing an online practice exam for those looking to get an FLC license. I took the practice exam day and night and I passed! Avoid the stress and use CFLCA.” — Selma

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