UFW Getting Active - Notices of Intent to take Access Filings

From the middle of July, the United Farm Workers has been active in filings of Notices of Intent (NOI) to Take Access with the ALRB.  See attached a blank NOI form.  Before it is valid, it must be filed with an ALRB office, and have an ALRB stamp in the upper right hand corner.  The labor organization must deliver a copy of the NOI to the agricultural employer, the manager or to the supervisor. Read more . . . .

Many thanks to CFLCA member Joe Garcia who provided the following list of employers for whom the NOIs have been filed, according to the ALRB's Visalia Office:

  1. ValleyGarlic Inc.
  2. Regina,Inc.
  3. SweetWood Farms
  4. MikeJensen Farms
  5. DimariFresh
  6. FamilyRanch
  7. ValleyGarlic
  8. Fowler Packing
  9. Pappas Inc. Company
  10. Stamoules Produce
  11. Martinelli
  12. John Kautz Farms
  13. Vino Farms Lodi
  14. Sonoma Cutrer Vineyard

FLCs are not recognized as agricultural employers under the ALRA, however FLC employees contracted to the grower are considered employees of the grower.  The actions of the FLC, and their field supervisors are considered to be on behalf of the grower/agricultural employer.  

Agricultural employers and their representatives should be aware of worker rights, union organizer rights, and also their own rights under the ALRA.

Also attached is a brochure from the ALRB detailing worker rights, which includes certain guidelines for union organizers.  Additional forms are publications are available at the ALRB website:

Understanding the ALRA and Union Issues


Notice of Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) Public Hearings on Worksite Access

          For a copy of the hearing dates and locations, please click here.