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Farm Labor Contractors -- CFLCA is For You!

CFLCA is a groundbreaking organization that provides services specifically for farm labor contractors and affiliated agriculture industry companies and individuals. We are dedicated to instituting best practices in agriculture labor management by providing educational programs, advocacy and specialized services to our members and the industry at-large. CFLCA is committed to providing safe, healthy and respectful places of employment for California's farm labor workers. 

Our members range from small and regional operations focused on single crops to large FLCs who manage labor in various regions with multiple crop production activities. Many of our FLCs are former farm workers who have risen through the ranks to achieve their dreams of managing their own businesses. We encourage our membership to take great pride in maintaining positive relationships with grower clients and meaningful employment and support to their employees and their families.

We invite you to learn about CLFCA's value to the industry and to your business interests. Our premier FLC-dedicated organization would like to welcome you today!

Finally!!! We got the response we were looking for. Thank you for advocating for us!! -- Mario and Lucy, FLC's

We've been members of CFLCA since 2012 because they consistently provide relevant updates and changes to laws, regulatory compliance and trends that directly affect farm labor contractors. With the knowledge gained from attending their programs, my team identified and implemented best employment practices that result in smoother operations and earning the trust from not only our clients, but from our most valued asset -- our employees! -- Laurie, FLC

Our industry can have a bad public perception which is frustrating because FLCs strive to operate professionally and with integrity. CFLCA’s involvement in the local, regional and national policy process gives us an opportunity to be represented and recognized as the good operators that we truly are. -- Carlos, FLC

Promoting Best Agricultural Labor Management Practices


Small    Under $3M in annual payroll  -- $500

Medium   $3m-$10M in annual payroll -- $1,000

Large   Over $10M in annual payroll -- $1,500


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*Dues are assessed annually

FLC Member Benefits

  • Complimentary consultations on a range of compliance issues
  • Weekly e-mail updates on new labor laws, regulations and industry trends
  • Legislative and regulatory representation
  • Sample employment practices and procedures
  • Members-only resources and recordings
  • College scholarships for children of FLC farm worker employees
  • Discounts products, services and on all educational programs including:
  1. FLC 9-Hour continuing education programs
  2. Free monthly webinars
  3. Online FLC Compliance trainings (English and Spanish)
  4. Supervisor training programs
  5. Custom, on-site training programs
  6. Annual Ag Labor Issues Forum
  7. Annual Legislative Action Day
  8. Specialty seminars

CFLCA Is Here To Serve The Unique Needs of Farm Labor Contractors

Education * Advocacy * Service

The California Farm Labor Contractor Association was established in 2009 to meet the growing needs of farm labor contractors as they assume a dominant role in employment of California’s agricultural workforce. Our focus is in three primary program areas including education, advocacy and service.

With this integrated approach, CFLCA addresses a wide range of regulatory and workforce challenges as we promote safety, respect and economic opportunity for all. Our members rely on us to provide:


FLC 9-Hour Programs: Required for FLC Licensing and Renewal (in-person and online -- English and Spanish

Ag Labor Forums: Annual Major Conferences in Central Valley & North Coast   Free Monthly educational webinars

Ag Supervisor Skills Certificate Program

On-site Training Programs

Harassment Prevention, Safety Management

Seminars and Webinars


Annual Legislative Action Day – Sacramento

Annual Visit - Capitol Hill, Washington DC on Immigration and H2A Policies

Cal FLC PAC - Political Action Committee


Referrals to Legal, H2A and other Critical Services

Connecting with Growers

Updates on Regulatory and Legal Requirements

Free Compliance Consultations

Farmworker Scholarship Program

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