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Coronavirus Resources

CFLCA Community -- This page is an assortment of information extracted from various organizations and government agencies regarding the COVID-19 virus. We will do our best to provide the most recent and updated information available. Data is swift-moving and modifications are made often. 

We advise you consult with your attorney when necessary. Let us know if there are other resources that you would like added to this page. 

FLC Certification Renewal -- Due to shelter-in-place mandates, the U.S. Dept. of Labor's Wage and Hour Division is open, but is processing applications remotely. Therefore, no drop-off applications are currently accepted. Mail in applications, amendments or requests. 

Resources You Can Use

  • Cal/OSHA FAQ on Emergency Covid-19 Prevention Plan here
  • DOSH COVID-19 Prevention Plan template here
  • UC Davis truck training on Covid-19 in English here  Spanish here
  • UC Davis Agriculture Work Site Checklist in English here  Spanish here
  • Paid Sick Leave Request here
Downloadable Posters/Signs
  • Alternative gloves for handling pesticides during coronavirus pandemic here
  • Symptoms of Coronavirus here
  • Essential Do's and Don'ts of COVID for workers and employers here

Alternative Funding Programs

  • CFLCA Cares Act and PPP: What Ag Employers Need to Know! Webinar -- Power Point presentation here
  • Federal Cares Act -- Payroll Protection Program and Economic Disaster Loans -- Click here
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Emergency Loans Small Business Guide here
  • PPP Expense Tracker Template here (Renteria Vineyard Management)

General Resources

  • California Department of Public Health Guidance for Face Coverings English here Spanish here
  • California Department of Public Health Guidance and Resources here
  • CDC Interim Guidance on  Agriculture Workers and Employers here
  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act here
  • USDA  Resources Guide for Agriculture -- Click here
  • California Department of Food and Agriculture Resources for Food and Ag -- Click here
  • California State Coronavirus Website here 
  • California Governor Directive to Fight COVID-19 here
  • UC Davis COVID-19 Resources for Ag here
  • Zenith Agribusiness Solutions COVID-19 Resources here

Recursos EspaƱoles

Employer Responsibilities & Resources

  • Cal/OSHA Daily Check-List for agricultural employers here
  • Cal/OSHA Infection Prevention in English here  Spanish here
  • CDC Agricultural Employers Checklist for Creating COVID-19 Assessment and Control Plan here
  • Department of Labor Guidance for Preparing Workplaces here   FAQs on Laws for Employers here
  • Cal/OSHA Guidance on Requirements to Protect Workers here
  • Employer Guidance on coronavirus management here (Barsmanian and Moody) 
  • School and childcare closure issues here (Barsmanian and Moody) 
  • Guidance for safely harvesting here
  • Employee travel to and from work letter here (Barsmanian and Moody) 
  • Social distancing guidelines in English here   In Spanish here
  • Recommendations for cloth face coverings here

Employee Tools and Rights

  • US Dept. of Labor -- Employee Rights English here   Spanish here
  • EDD Pandemic Unemployment Assistance here
  • FELS Protect Yourself Protect Your Family here (English and Spanish) 

Worker Health and Safety Resources

  • What to Do About the Respirator Dilemma During Covid-19 here   Respirator Decision-Making Guide here
  • Decontamination and Reuse of Filtering Facepiece Respirators here
  • Protecting Workers from COVID-19 (UCLA) English Page 1  Page 2   Spanish Page 1 Page 2
  • Guidance from CDC for Meat and Poultry Processing workers here

Workplace Preparation & Sick Employee Guidelines

  • CDC Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Respond to COVID-19 here
  • CDC Recommendations for cleaning and disinfection here
  • EPA Recommended disinfectants for use against coronavirus here

Wage and Hour and Leave Issues

  • US Department Labor Guidance on Sick Leave and Expanded Family Medical Leave here  Question and Answers here

H2-A and Border Issues

  • Essential travel to and from Mexico order here

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