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Datatach*     Paul Bondi   E-mail   559-224-6766   Website

  • Datatech specializes in payroll, HR, accounting, and sales software designed for agricultural businesses. Farm Labor Contractors save time with crew based payroll entry, integration with in-field time apps, automatic calculations of rest & recovery, overtime, sick pay, and guaranteed wage rates. Grower reports and billing are automatically generated from payroll entries to simplify your workload. Request a consultation from our website.
Seso Labor*  Sophia Guirguis  E-mail   310-280-8166  Website
  • Seso is building the first end-to-end recruiting and workforce management platform for the agriculture industry. We help FLCs navigate the H-2A program, understand labor laws, and stay compliant, as well as help farmworkers access financial services.

AgData     Dan Boeger   E-mail    530-713-4893   Website

  • AgData has served the needs of growers and farm labor contractors alike for over 50 years. AgData’s Blue Skies Accounting Series (BSA) includes feature rich modules like general ledger, payroll, cost accounting and a barcode data collection system with crew time sheets and employee badges. BSA is easy to learn and use and we offer ongoing technical support and training. 

FieldClock LLC   Mark Peterson  E-mail   208-308-3788   Website

  • Whether you're big or small, you know the difficulty of keeping track of time and attendance, piecework, break time, and everything else. Let FieldClock do the hard work for you. Our easy-to-use app is designed by farmers, for farmers. Recording your employees is as simple as scanning a badge. 

Ganaz    Martha Gonzalez   E-mail   209-442-6294   Website

  • The Ganaz platform simplifies people management with software built for agriculture, saving employers time, effort, and money including; HR Onboarding: Quickly scan IDs, autofill, and complete onboarding forms; Communication: Send two-way auto-translated individual or bulk text messages and workforce surveys; Payroll Cards: Enable direct deposit for unbanked employees and deliver paystubs digitally; Workforce Training: Train in the field without data service.

PickTrace Harrison Steed  E-mail  949-584-2920   Website

  • PickTrace simplifies payroll, compliance, and labor cost analysis for FLCs and growers with an all-in-one labor management suite. Onboarding: quickly hire/rehire, store I-9, W-4, and hiring docs digitally, and import into payroll with no manual data entry. Time & Productivity: effortlessly track harvest and farming costs in real-time; control labor costs and ensure payroll compliance. Paycards easily pay your workforce by eliminating paper checks, while eliminating predatory check-cash fees for your employees

Pack List Pro  Tracey Chance  E-mail  949-232-9178   Website

  • Pack List Pro is a harvest management platform that helps growers, packers, and shippers meet requirements in retailer-driven packaging demands. We streamline the communication efforts between the sales and production teams to alleviate stress in coordinating the various pack styles that are contingent upon harvest seasons.


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