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    Bravo Ag Group*    Oscar Ramos   E-mail   559-891-8723  Website

    In 2012, a few farmers and contractors saw the need for a discussion to be had and the discussion remains the same in 2016– how can we protect our industry? For years, farming has been a negotiation between grower and contractor. The vision of Bravo Ag Group is to put an end to the negotiation and bring awareness to the need for the eradication of separation between farmer and contractor. We are the homefront.

      Proteus, Inc.    Dan Ramirez   E-mail   559-627-0100   Website

      Proteus is the premier provider of training, education, and community services within the agriculturally rich Central San Joaquin Valley. Since its inception in 1967, Proteus has been in a continuous state of evolution, adding and expanding services as the changing needs of the workforce emerge. Initially, an adult training center serving low-income residents through educational services, Proteus has emerged as a nationally recognized full-service agency providing a wide range of services to a diverse customer base.

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