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Ag Compliance & FLC 8-Hr Course

2015 Ag Employer Compliance Conferences and Farm Labor Contractor (DLSE Approved) Continuing Education Program

California Farm Labor Contractor Association (CFLCA) is pleased to announce our series of educational conferences for agricultural employers for 2015.  The programs are approved by the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) for the new requirement of nine hours of continuing education for FLC licensing and renewal.  These "Ag Employer Compliance Conferences" offer a wide range of information, including updates on: new labor laws; wage and hour requirements; harassment and discrimination laws;  Cal OSHA requirements; posting and notification requirements; worker transportation issues; effective management and best practices.  Click here to register for this event.

Read more: Ag Compliance & FLC 8-Hr Course

Vineyard Supervisor Training

Vineyard Supervisor Pre-Harvest Prep and/or Harassment Prevention Training

July 22, 2015
9:00 a.m - 4:30 p.m.
Napa County Fairgrounds
1425 N. Oak St, Calistoga, CA

Grape harvest season approaches, along with new regulations and challenges of hiring and managing a seasonal workforce. Effective supervision is critical for compliance with a wide range of state and federal regulations, while maintaining a safe, healthy, and respectful workplace. This program will help prepare front-line supervisors, mayordomos, and others, providing updates and resource materials on a range of critical topics. This program is entirely in Spanish.  English language versions of key hand-out materials are included.

Click here to see seminar flyer for seminar information.  Click here to register for this event.


UFW Questionnaire

Beware of Strangers - Control Access to Fields!

Most of you are aware that Cal OSHA recently settled an old lawsuit filed by UFW charging inadequate enforcement of the Heat Illness Prevention standard. That settlement included a memorandum of understanding in which Cal OSHA is required to investigate any reports by UFW staff of non-compliance found among agricultural employers.

UFW is now sending representatives to fields under the guise of educational outreach to workers on heat illness prevention. They have been active in the Fresno region.

Employers are advised that UFW representatives have NO RIGHT to enter your fields, unless they have filed their Notice of Intent and if access has been granted by the ALRB. The grower would have to receive a copy of the notice. Without such notice, UFW representatives should be asked to immediately leave your premises.

Click here for a copy of the questionnaire UFW reps are asking employees to complete. It seeks information regarding employer compliance with the standard. It might be used as evidence against the employer for a violation of the rules.

Please train all workers to tell any visitors they must wait to talk to the supervisor. And train all supervisors to check all visitors for identification. For Cal OSHA and other enforcement agencies, the supervisor should advise the government agent to wait while the supervisor calls the designated person (safety/HR/Employer) authorized to allow visitor access to the field. All non-authorized visitors, including UFW and CRLA representatives should be respectfully directed to leave the private property

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